[rescue] VM/370 instalation notes

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Tue Feb 10 13:48:31 CST 2009

I figured by now it should be a separate thread.

I was able to find a Windowing tn3270 at "http://www.brown.edu/cis/tn3270/".

I needed to open a session (only works when Hercules is up) and save it as
tn3270.conf the directory I have the DASD images, config files, etc.

Then I modified my Hercules.RC file to:

	sh open /Applications/tn3270\ X.app/ tn3270.conf
	sh open /Applications/tn3270\ X.app/ tn3270.conf
	sh open /Applications/tn3270\ X.app/ tn3270.conf
	pause 10
	ipl 249

The pause 10 is needed, or else VM IPL's and can't find the console because
TN3270 has not started up.

Once IPO's started coming out (1976 or 1977?) people stopped doing installs
from the distribution tapes. We only did them because we did not have 
a running system, or we could not wait for the IPO group to catch up to a 

The problem was DMKRIO. Very few people had configurations were accommodated
by the IPO DMKRIO, after a while, everyone did. All new computers were 
ordered with the IPO config. If you already had a running VM system, you
could install the IPO anyway, IPL it in a VM and fix the DMKRIO to match
your system. 

If you did not have a running system you had to use the distribution tape,
a process, I have mercifully forgotten. :-) Things like ddr (disk dump
and restore), a stand alone directory program which could either write
the VM directory from a card deck, or under VM from your virtual reader,
but what really escapes my memory is how to create a DMKRIO and link the
system (was it called a nucleus?) if you did not have anything to run it

I remember "cheating" at an intro to VM course. We wrote our own DMKRIO to
match our config, and built and tested a system under VM. We left the
class with a DDR tape ready to copy to a disk and run it. 

When Hercules first came out, I installed VM/370 on it and was disapointed
to find CMS missing two things. One was a multilevel disk system, no
such thing as directories, everything was at the root level. The other
was a decent editor. Editors like Edgar and SPF were program products and
not free. As much as I hate VI, it would have been a blessing.


Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel gsm at mendelson.com  N3OWJ/4X1GM

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