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Tue Feb 10 11:02:36 CST 2009

Actually they predate the census stuff by many decades.  Joseph Jacquard
designed a loom for the textile industry around 1801 that was programmed
with punch cards for producing different patterns in the woven fabric.


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> " From: "John Lengeling" <John.Lengeling at radisys.com>
> "
> " What most people fail to realize is that a lot of stuff in computers can
> " be traced back to IBM who first invented stuff 30-60 years ago... IE:
> " multiprocessors, virtualization, punch cards, etc...Why do
> " monitors/terminal programs default to 80 columns?
> punch cards are older than that.  why are they the size they are?
> that was the size of the greenback at the time the us govt hired ibm
> to assist with the census, in 1880 or 1890 iirc.
> " People think M$ and Linux are inventing new stuff...not really.
> in linux especially, people are too busy reinventing 'new' stuff to
> look around and see what's been done already.
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