[rescue] Does anyone have...

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Feb 8 21:03:30 CST 2009

> I need a either 6 foot (or longer) extension (M-F) for a Sun
> keyboard, or a 12 foot or longer single run cable.
> (the old style, not the USB obviously).

How old?  MiniDIN-8?  DA15?  6P6C ("RJ-11")?  I can make you a DA15
cable easily.  For 6P6C, I'd use telephone wiring, after verifying that
it wired through all the pins I needed.  If I needed miniDIN-8, I'd use
(building if necessary) adapters to DA15 and then use a DA15 extender,
but you may not want to do that (indeed, since if I've read your mail
correctly it appears you're not using it for Sun keyboard use, that
might not even work for you depending on the adapters' pinouts).

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