[rescue] Does anyone have...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Feb 8 20:53:18 CST 2009

I need a either 6 foot (or longer) extension (M-F) for a Sun keyboard,  
or a 12 foot or longer single run cable.
(the old style, not the USB obviously).

You'll like the reason why.... the surround sound system upstairs  
died, and when I was investigating, I found that
our bunnies found a way to the cable that ran from the main unit to  
the subwoofer... and chewed into it enough that it
finally shorted out.  When I went to check the cable, I saw that it  
had the ends the same as the old Sun keyboard cable...
pulled one from the 220R in the rack that goes to the KVM switch for  
all the Suns.....and we're back in business with the surround sound.
But now I've got a 220R with that's not accessible via the KVM  
switch...(yes I do normally telnet into them all, but I also have one  
monitor and kbd
that I have hooked to them all, which makes it easier to do some  
things... )

This isn't the first wires the bunnies have chewed (8 speaker wires, 1  
phone cord, and two lamp cords when we first got them, and I didn't
realize they were magnetically attracted to wires... the wires are all  
now protected... though I missed one small entry to this one cable..  
my bad...)
And yes the bunnies run loose (when we're upstairs... I dunno when  
they snuck in and did this..)  and are litter box trained...

So, anybody got a spare cable for cheap?


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