[rescue] HP9000/800 G40 Console Problem

Pete leaknoil at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 20:27:52 CST 2009

I just picked up a HP9000/800 G40 system with a couple of external drive 
packs.  Unfortunately, I can't get it into the console to boot it off 
anything. It seems to just enter self-test mode and never exit. No 
errors are displayed to the console terminal. It gets through the power 
on part displaying a few ACCESS FAULT: 0079A messages to the terminal 
which I believe is just what it does when it tries and test an empty 
slot. So, you get an error message for each empty slot. It then gives me 
a CM> prompt. Here I should be able to enter CO and then it should do 
some self tests and enter the console mode. Unfortunately it doesn't.  
Nothing  happens after I hit CO  <enter>. I've waited over an hour and 
it never seems to exit the self-tests if it even actually entered them. 
I hear it can take 10-20 min to complete the self tests but, I've waited 
much longer.

The front panel lights show green and orange lit which I understand 
means there are no faults and it is in self-test mode. It should turn 
off the self-test light and enter the console when they finish. It never 

I have a HP 700/96 Terminal connected to the miniDIN console port on the 
I/O card. It is using an actual HP cable and appears to be working 
normally. The system has a SCSI/Console/Lan board, J2094A mux board w/ 8 
port breakout box, a SCSI/Parallel card, and a HP-PB Differential SCSI 

I am trying to boot it without any of the external SCSI boxes. I've put 
terminators on all the scsi ports. There are  3 internal SCSI drives, a 
cdrom drive, and a dat drive. All of them appear to be fine. No stuck on 
lights or error indicators. I tried once with the external boxes 
connected and it still did the same thing. I've tried with all internal 
drives disconnected and there was no change. All the cards and the cpu 
have been reseated a couple times now and all look like new.

I've had a pc terminal emulator connected to the port 0 on the mux 
breakout just in case anything showed up there but, nothing has. This 
was supposedly a working system when it was last powered off years ago.

Any thoughts ?

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