[rescue] Netra NFS/Enterprise 150 question

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat Feb 7 13:24:18 CST 2009

    On Sat, 7 Feb 2009, Bill Bradford wrote:

> Unfortunately they *completely* dropped drivers for other parts of
> the U1 as well - he'd only be able to run really early revisions
> of the OpenSolaris code.

    There's also the "issue" that it's apparently possible to wedge
the early Ultra chips when running in 64-bit mode.  I know that I
had to invoke some magick to get Solaris 8 to boot in 64-bit mode
on my E-150.  I tried booting it with Solaris 10 once -- just once.
The thing halted and had to be power-cycled to get it back.  If I
recall correctly, this took a disassembly to get at the power switch
on the PSU that's "conveniently" hidden inside the external frame
(hint: do *not* do an "init 5" on E-150s).

    By the way, I managed to not answer the other chap's question as
to whether it's possible to use a regular U-1 motherbaord in an E-150.
I suspect it *should* be possible, but the "gotcha" might be that the
E-150 had three S-Bus slots where, I believe, most of the workstation-
class boards had two and a graphics slot.  This is fine unless one
needs three S-Bus cards....

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