[rescue] Netra NFS/Enterprise 150 question

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sat Feb 7 10:11:17 CST 2009

" From: "Carl R. Friend" <crfriend at rcn.com>
" []
"     As one can see, it's tricked out reasonably well for an Ultra-1
" class system.  What's the maximum memory the -1 can handle?  I'd
" like to tart this beastie up a wee bit more if I can find the proper
" SIMMs.

8 x 501-3136 128M for 1G.  i'm looking for a few myself, for this
u1/200e.  i'm also looking for a creator 3d s3 fb.  and...

" 'Tis a shame she can't run Solaris 10; I'd love to play with
" ZFS and a frame-ful of 144 gig drives....

it can probably run opensolaris, if you can compile it [s9 +
studio12?]; it was a deliberate decision on sun's part to drop support
of the us1 chip.  iirc very early [pre] releases of s10 would run on
the u1.

you'd own the kernel, but if you're lucky everything from drivers on
out could be std s10 pkgs w/patches.
i've idly wondered if a u1e main system board would work in an e150,
in place of the non-e.  anyone know?  care to make the experiment?

how's the drive frame accessed, off the sbus or the hidden internal
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