[rescue] The last of my stuff FS/FT

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sat Feb 7 09:25:49 CST 2009

I still have the following items available:

Free for cost of shipping:
1x Cisco WS-5225R board with ports 6 and 7 dead
8x 501-2360 Sun SM51 SuperSPARC 50MHz 1MB
4x 501-2825 Sun SM61 SuperSPARC 60MHz
2x Vixel 7-port FC Hubs
Sun Netra T1 w/ DC Power Supply
Sun 3/50 Chassis (no MB)

Make an Offer:
1x Catalyst 5000 RSM
2x HP DL380 G3 Rack Rails for a square hole rack
Wallstreet G3 with 3 batteries, ZIP drive, 128? MB RAM, 10? GB HD.  

At some point all of this will end up in my trash can if I can't get  
rid of it on here. Right now space is not at a premium but I expect  
it will be shortly.

Items I'm interested in:

SCSI SCA Hard Drives in any size 18.2+
Sun PCI U160 Adapters
Sun PCI GigaSwift cards
T1 200 Rack Kits
A Portmaster 2e rack kit
BayTech DS2 accessories (ears, modules, etc).



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