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Mon Feb 2 09:33:41 CST 2009

" From: Mark Benson <md.benson at gmail.com>
" Lionel Peterson wrote:
" > Bill Bradford <mrbill at mrbill.net> wrote:
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" > > IBM z/OS 1.6 on Hercules:
" > >
" > > http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrbill/3239681787/
" > >
" > > []
" > 
" > You have the dubious distinction of being the top hit when you google  
" > "z/os 1.6 Hercules"...
" > 
" > Getting a z/os image to run must have been non-trivial...
" Do those of you that are old enough to remember mainframes like this not
" find it a tad weird that you can emulate a whole mainframe computer that
" used to take up a large room on a normal desktop PC? It's rational,
" given how much computers have developed, but surely it's still a
" slightly odd feeling :)
" -- 

my first program ran on a pdp8.  i don't know how many transistors it
had, but i next got into hardware with the intel 8008, 8080, and moto
6800.  recently i experienced a dizzying bit of future shock whiplash
reading a news item that casually mentioned that the leading edge
video gpu chip of today has reached the -1-billion- transistor mark.
they also said the cpu lags, with only 1/2 billion transistors.
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