[rescue] Wanted: quiet desktop PC for Ubuntu

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Mon Dec 28 09:25:02 CST 2009

I need another Ubuntu box, and it needs to be quiet.  I'm thinking
something with a 2+ GHz CPU (not picky about which), at least 2G
of RAM, and a decent video card -- I'm not a gamer, so probably 
the most intensive graphical thing I do is watch video from hulu.
I've got a pair of 250G IDE disks sitting around, so don't need
disks, but (a) will certainly take them and (b) would prefer a box
that'll take two disks, so that I can mirror.  DVD drive would be nice,
but CD probably works too.  This is an upgrade for a Dell Dimension 2400,
which has worked nicely in its role but is too resource-starved for
what I need it to do.


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