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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Dec 24 17:56:28 CST 2009


Not sure what sort of response you've had... I have to take a bit of 
time to digest
the options there....  I'd like to get one or two of the 
PowerStacks....  (there was a
powerstack (don't recall which) that could run Solaris for PowerPC too).

Not sure what it would cost to ship.... but if reasonable, I'd like a to 
get a grey
box and a white tower running.  If you were a lot closer I'd probably 
have grabbed
2 of each type of PowerStack from you.

You state the PowerStacks are as is....  are they incomplete, or just 
untested ?

I'm in Sharon, MA, any idea what it would cost to ship each type of 
powerstack ?
(I'd assume you would not ship more than one in a box, right ?)
I'm in zip 02067.


-- Curt

John Lengeling wrote:
> Motorola PowerStacks have a PowerPC CPU and at the time would run AIX,
> Win NT, Mot's UNIX, and I think NetBSD or some Linux ports run on it.
> I am not sure thou.  They do not come with any software.
> The Motorola stuff below is AS/IS.  I would recommend grabbing two or
> more for parts.  I also only have 4 LDC panels for the MBX boxes.
> 8 x Motorola PowerStacks Grey (Like:
> http://www.solusys.com/chassis/images/large/PowerStack-07423155219.jpg)
> 2 x Motorola PowerStacks White (Like:
> http://muuseum.at.mt.ut.ee/images/93_2.JPG)
> 2 x Motorola PowerStacks RiscPC (Like the white powerstack, but small
> form factor desktop case)
> 6 x ACT/Technico Motorola MBX 821 PowerPC embedded development box
> 2 x ACT/Technico Motorola MBX 820 PowerPC enmbedded development box
> 4 x LCD panels for above MBX development box
> The PowerPC stuff is free for shipping.
> Sun Stuff:
> 1 x SunFire V480, 2 x 900Mhz, 6G RAM, 2 x 36G HD, 2 x PS  - RUN,
> complete, $150/OBO+shipping
> 2 x SunFire V100, 2 x 80G HD, rails, 2G RAM - RUN, complete,
> $50/OBO+shipping
> These would be shipped from West Des Moines, Iowa  50266.
> johnl
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