[rescue] Happy Holidays, everyone.

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Dec 20 21:00:31 CST 2009

Bill Bradford wrote:
> I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
> It's been a difficult week for me, as this past Wednesday marked six months
> since my wife Amy passed away.  I have a lot of you folks to thank for
> helping me make it to this point.  Without your friendship, shoulders to 
> lean on, and notes of condolence (as well as random emails afterwards
> checking on me from time to time), I wouldn't have made it this far.
> I can't think of anything better to say than "thank you".  It's really just
> been a blur since June; some days all I concentrate on is getting through
> to the next one.
> My Christmas wish list?  [0]  An Acer Aspire Revo, to use as an XBMC media
> center now that I've cancelled "cable" (UVerse) TV in order to save $70/
> month and get the last of the hospital bills paid off.  I have to put tires
> on the car next month, so XBMC will have to wait until February or March.
> I hope everyone else gets what they want, or at least has family and
> friends to spend time with.
> Bill
> [0] http://wishlist.mrbill.net

Interesting that you should mention ditching cable, as there was an neat 
article in the NY Times about doing just that and using Internet 
programming instead. Here is the link to the article, but I am not sure 
if everyone can access it...


Glad to hear and see that you are still hanging in there, Mr. Bill. 
Hopefully you know that we appreciate you all the time even if you only 
hear it from us sometimes. :-)

Thanks again for this list. Looking back, it appears that I have been 
subscribed for over eight years. Wow. That's longer than my first 
marriage. ;-)


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