[rescue] Job openings: Sr. Solaris, Sr. AS/400, Line Manager for Solaris Team

deepak vyas vyasnetwork at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 01:00:48 CST 2009

Dear Sir,
please find attachment,
resume & profile for Sun Solaris Administrator.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 5:46 AM, velociraptor <velociraptor at gmail.com>wrote:

> If anyone is looking or knows someone looking please pass this along.
> AS/400 position is in Las Vegas, NV.
> Solaris position is in Reno, NV.
> Both are senior level slots, with good pay levels, benefits, and
> moving allowance.  Profitable, growing company; economy has not
> affected our business very much due to the nature of our core
> business.
> Solaris slot requires at least mid-level administrative programming
> (preferably perl); this job is in my team.  We are about 50/50 Sparc
> (Solaris 9)/x86 (Solaris 10), but are migrating to Solaris 10 x86 as
> we go forward.
> We are also looking for a manager for the Solaris team; role will be
> based in Reno, and reports to our Director, who used to be the manager
> of the Solaris team (e.g. a good mentor for the new manager).
> I don't have a lot of details about the AS/400 job, but can get a job
> description and forward it.
> Some travel will be required for all these roles, as our HQ is in
> California, and we are moving our California data center to Reno by
> mid-year.  Periodically, people travel to other sites for
> role-swapping/cross-training/vacation coverage.
> Please contact me directly.  If you forward this, please ask them to
> mention Sunhelp so I know how they found out about it. ;-)
> Thanks--
> =Nadine=
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Deepak Kumar Vyas
Technical Head
Bonanza Arcad
1st Floor,Above Snehanjali Electricals,
Amboli Naka,
Andheri (W),
Mumbai-400 058


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