[rescue] SGI 4d/480VGX, Onyx, Challenge, etc, richmond va

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Dec 15 17:17:36 CST 2009

Hey all a guy in Richmond VA is looking to get rid of some SGI hardware.

His email is       Snow Steve at comcast dot net

  Hey, hope all is well.  Still trying to track down Richard for him to take
the 4d/480 machine; We've exchanged one email;
  I also have Challenge, Onyx and a 4D the same size as the Challenge. + 2
boxes of boards/memory and Cds... that I'm trying to find a good home for,
and a working 24" sgi monitor...

So If you know anyone who wants the machines please let me know... I'm in
the process of cleaning out everything so at some point it either needs a
good home, or I have to get rid of it..

Hopefully someone wants it...

Thanks for checking,

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