[rescue] Question, which machine to keep, which two to go?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Thu Dec 10 23:31:24 CST 2009

Earl Baugh wrote:
> I've got 3 Sun's that I'm trying to decide which to keep to replace one of
> my old SS10's with. (I'm keeping it for parts to support the other SS10 that
> I'm going to keep on line... got some Sbus video capture cards that I really
> like...)   Anyway, I've got the following:
> Sun Ultra 5
> Sun Ultra 10
> Sun Blade 100
> I've played a little bit with all three.  The Ultra 5 is the slowest of the
> set, but I like the form factor of either it or the Blade 100.
> So, I'm thinking either keep the Ultra 10 in the Ultra 5 case, or the Blade
> 100.  I've now experienced how bad the IDE drive controllers are
> (though the two drives I have in the Ultra 10 seem much, much better than
> anything else I've got for the Blade 100... which I've tried from
> laptop drive on up...)

Blade 100 + 8GB or 16GB PATA SLC SSD drive, then either NFS mount the
rest or maybe you won't care about the slowness of the other drives as
long as you have fast boot and fast swap performance.


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