[rescue] Question, which machine to keep, which two to go?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Dec 10 22:57:32 CST 2009

I've got 3 Sun's that I'm trying to decide which to keep to replace one of
my old SS10's with. (I'm keeping it for parts to support the other SS10 that
I'm going to keep on line... got some Sbus video capture cards that I really
like...)   Anyway, I've got the following:

Sun Ultra 5
Sun Ultra 10
Sun Blade 100

I've played a little bit with all three.  The Ultra 5 is the slowest of the
set, but I like the form factor of either it or the Blade 100.
So, I'm thinking either keep the Ultra 10 in the Ultra 5 case, or the Blade
100.  I've now experienced how bad the IDE drive controllers are
(though the two drives I have in the Ultra 10 seem much, much better than
anything else I've got for the Blade 100... which I've tried from
laptop drive on up...)

So some questions.  Obviously SCSI controller needs to be purchased.  Any
issues with booting either of these off of that?
Second, the 440 vs 500 Mhz CPUS...  the Ultra 10 IIi 440Mhz has 2MB cache to
the Blade IIe 500Mhz's 256K.   Which is going to give better
perceived performance?  Does the 2MB more than make up for the 60Mhz

Obviously the Blade has USB, Smart Card and Firewire.  And the Ultra 10 has
1/2 the max memory (and slightly harder to find to boot).
Both run 64 bit Solaris (which I'm going to run...)   Ports don't make a
huge difference to me... I want the machine which is going to perform
overall the fastest.  If there's going to be SCSI issues with the Blade,
then I expect the Ultra 10 would be a better balanced machine.
Obviously the Ultra 10 if I keep the original case, could have much better
graphics...(I've got the UPA Card for it...) but I'll probably just
run it off the on-board graphics for the few times I want the console.  The
KVM I have for my Sun's handles the older kbds and 13w3 video,
so that would lean more towards the Ultra 10.

So, I feel like I'm in a slight pickle, as I don't seem to have any bad
choice, and nothing particular to get me off the fence between them...

Any opinions / other ideas as to factors to consider?



p.s The other two are going to go... I don't have room for all 3... though
if I go with the Ultra 10, I may keep the Ultra 5 MB as a spare and Ultra 10
case  in case I ever re-arrange my rack and have room for the vertical
case... so I could have better graphics....

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