[rescue] Dell LTO2 drive module

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 02:11:50 CST 2009

On Nov 30, 2009, at 3:27 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> Phil Stracchino wrote:
>>> http://www.technologysurplusdepot.com/ProductInfo.aspx?id=5973930
>>> Anyone know whether it's feasible to extract one of these from its
>>> PowerVault housing and install it in a standard Dell full-height
>>> single-drive external case?
>> I don't see why it would not work.  From experience the one
>> thing lacking will be that the LTO2 drive on the module will
>> not have a tape drive door.... so dust inhalation will be an issue.
>> I have an LTO2 drive like this and have been trying to find a new
>> faceplate with the tape 'door'.....  my drive is made by IBM as I
>> recall.
> Since it looks like it uses the same bezel, I'm betting I could just
> transfer the door from my existing [dead] LTO1 drive's bezel.  I MAY
> have a spare.  If I do, I can send it to you.

I can confirm that Dell equipment is re-badged IBM.  I had a demo LTO unit at
the previous LV spammer job.(0)


(0) I ran into a co-worker from that place who told me they were under
investigation by the FBI and the FTC!  Karma, baby!

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