[rescue] v250 power supplies?

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Mon Aug 31 15:03:51 CDT 2009

Brock Johnson wrote:
> Ray,
> If you have one handy, the power supplies out of the Blade 2500's (red
> or silver) should power the V250 motherboard. The V250 motherboard is
> identical to the Blade 2500 boards. I don't know if they'll fit in the
> V250 case or not, but, you could at least jury rig it up to verify
> it's working.
Hi Brock,

I don't have one, but it's certainly an option if I could get a PS from
the 2500's for less than the pair needed for the v250.  Thanks for the tip.

One thing I've recently noticed, there seems to be some sort of stuff,
kinda like a white silicone caulk underneath a few of the larger
capacitors next to the two connectors where the power cables go on the
motherboard.  I've never seen that done anywhere else before; the stuff
feels like somewhat rubbery plastic, and I've tested a sample of it with
a VOM and got infinite resistance.  I suspect the caps blew, but popped
from underneath and this may be the stuff from inside them, so my next
tasks is to take the motherboard out, clean out this stuff and replace
the caps.  (Either that or it's something used for heat transfer
purposes or to hold down the caps, but I've never seen them used
anywhere in this manner.)

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