[rescue] Sun Overstock Liquidation ALL ITEMS $5 !!!

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Aug 18 20:46:16 CDT 2009

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> Bill

Can't speak of the rules, but in the past I did some trades with MCE and 
they were exceptionally awesome.

Heck, there was one time a box of Sparcstation 20s arrived before I got 
home. My roomates took the workstations out, and replaced them with old 
books, sealing the box back up with tape. I opened it, and scratched my 
head. I emailed MCE and was like, "Uh by any chance you didn't happen to 
ship a box full of old books instead of the computers did you?" The person 
responded no, and was concerned. I went back and looked through the books 
and a few of them in the bottom were from an east coast phone company and 
I remembered that one of the roomates had a relative that had worked for 
them in the past and I figured it out. Not sure how my roomates kept a 
straight face.

It was pretty funny.

I'm pretty sure that was systems from MCE on trade. Just found some 
paperwork from them from back in the day.

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