[rescue] 5.25" floppy on modern PC

Chad Fernandez chad.fernandez at att.net
Sat Aug 15 23:22:11 CDT 2009

Lionel Peterson wrote:

> It has been a while since I built a machine with an on-board floppy... 
> Years perhaps? (2 at least)

I think it's been even longer for me.  I purchased the parts for this 
computer about 2 years ago, and I didn't install a floppy.  Prior to 
that my computer had been rebuilt many times with just about everything 
changing over time with the exception of the MB, and I hadn't had a 
floppy in it for quite some time.

I think I've figured out what the problem is.  Everything I've been 
doing hardware wise seems to be correct according to everything I've 
read.  This got me wondering about XP..... sure enough with a Google 
search it seems that others run into problems with 360K drives and XP. 
XP says that it's working fine, but when it comes to actually do 
something XP doesn't know what to do.  So I guess I'm at a dead end. 
I'll have to wait until I install a better OS, which hopefully won't be 
to far away.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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