[rescue] looking for cpu

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Aug 13 12:26:27 CDT 2009

I now have a Sunblade 2500 (Ultra 45 systems are still outside my price 
range :-) ).

It didn't have a video card, but I have one on the way (XVR-1200).  It 
came with 2G
of RAM and 1 1.28G processor, dvd drive, and no hard drives.

I've temporarily booted Solaris 9 from a CD to verify the system 
functions (using
serial console), and all looks good so far.

What I'm wondering is:

1. Anyone out there have a 1.28G processor, heatsink/fan, and retaining 
clips ?
2. Anyone out there have any 1.6G processors, heatsinks/fans, and 
retaining clips ?
3. Anyone have any 2G DIMMs for this (PC2100 reg ECC ?) for it ?
4. Anyone out there have a dead Sunblade 2500 (i.e. bad mobo) ?  The 
cosmetics on
this one are not up to my 'standards' (its been 'kicked' around a bit.  
In particular
the red plastic sun 'badge' on the left case side is scuffed up, and 
there are some paint
dings here and there.

Lastly anyone want to trade this for an Ultra 45 :-) (running to the 
bunker.... and ducking
... :-) ) ?

-- Curt

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