[rescue] Sun gear - Minneapolis Craigslist

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Aug 12 09:07:39 CDT 2009

Posting on the Minneapolis Craigslist for old Sun gear.

3 - Sparc 5's
6 - Sparc 1+'s
2 - Sparc 2's
1 - Sparc 10

Single Sync 20" monitor's
2 - 20D10's
2 - 20E20's 

I'll probably lose geek cred, but I just can't make myself be interested in
any of this except _maybe_ the Sparc 10.

However, if anyone wants me to pursue this on their behalf, let me know.



PS - if anyone has a good to excellent cosmetic condition Sparc 20 that they
want to part with, let me know. I want a nice one for a more public display
of some of my favorite gear. I should have most all the necessary internals,
so missing RAM, disk, procs/cards is not a problem. Once I'm done getting it
set up, I should have a fair batch of Mbus/Sbus stuff to part with...

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