[rescue] OBP Question

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Aug 6 10:23:51 CDT 2009

" From: Jonathan Patschke <jp at celestrion.net>
" On Mon, 3 Aug 2009, Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > it doesn't have anything on my sparcengine ultra 20.  i would love to
" > update its obp, stuck at 3.7.
" That sounds a lot like what Cycle sold as a "Cycle UP-20" and someone else
" sold as an "Ultra-520":
"     http://jonathan.celestrion.net/stuff/ultra-520/
" Apologies for the crap photos; I'd only had my first camera for about a
" week when I took those.  In photo #2, you can see the Sun 370 part number.
" Do the first seven digits match the part number on your board?

okay, finally got a moment to open it.

the only barcode i can find starts with 5014854.
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