[rescue] Rescue Challenge..?

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Sat Aug 1 15:17:51 CDT 2009

Christopher Purdy wrote:
>> Also, how are you defining "power"?
>> Bill
> I suppose we would have to limit it to more "classic" systems - as
> opposed to "unobtanium", i.e. cray's, etc... Because - yes he would
> win by default.
> Maybe set a limit of the newest machine that can be used, Maybe only
> up to Ultras?
> Maybe best machine of each vintage... i.e. best Sparc 10, 20, U1, U2, etc...

Well, I have a U30 with a 250MHz USII, 2G RAM, Elite3D-M3, Creator3D,
three SCSI controllers, GigE, 18GB and 50GB internal disks, 12x36GB
external disks in two Ultra-SCSI 711s each on its own USCSI controller.
 Everything in it was rescued except the 36GB disks.

JD Fogg currently has my former 6x336MHz E3000...

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