[rescue] Moxa NPort 5630: Free + S/H

Micah R Ledbetter vlack at vlack.com
Wed Apr 29 01:45:15 CDT 2009

A while ago, I bought one of these on eBay for $50 or so, without  
realizing I was getting the RS-422/485 version of the product, and it  
has sat around on my floor for a few months.

This is stupid. Please, someone take it off my hands. :)

It's a device server that attaches to an ethernet network. See specs  

Note that its the 5630 model that does RS-422/485, not the RS-232  
version, and additionally that it's the 8 port version.

I live in Austin, TX (78759) so if you're close by and want to pick it  
up, that's even better; I can be kind of slow at shipping stuff  

- Micah

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