[rescue] Earth Day Rescue, StoragEdge and RAID

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 18:19:49 CDT 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 5:57 PM, Earl D. Baugh Jr. <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
> But to go bigger, I have to somehow
> find
> a case that would hold a decent PC board, and have room for 8 or more
> drives.  The chassis I've found simply aren't set up for that.  The LSI
> can
> also connect to slave cards where you can add other "shelves" of some sort.
>  I've not found anything in that arena that isn't ridiculously expensive.
> 8 channels with 1.5 TB drives would definitely be a nice huge storage pool
> 8-).   7 500's provides a nice 3 TB as it stands... and it's been rock
> since
> I have had it.  If it had drives for Mac OS, I'd build a frankenmac with
> card...

Look at the $25 CoolerMaster 4=>3x 5.25" cage (just an internal
mounting bracket/cage, with a fan on it, no internal electronics for
"hot swap", etc.  If you put 2-3 of these into a full tower like the
Antec 1200, Thermaltake Spedo, etc. you get the most bang for the
buck, in my opinion, vs. the 5=>3x 5.25" drive bay cages that are hot

My Spedo case already had 6 bays in the equiv. of (I think) 5x 5.25"
slots.  I am getting two of these cages to bring my total 3.5" slots
up to 14 for another $50.  To bring it up to 16, purchasing the 5 into
3 bays, it would have run me about $180 more at the low-end (2x $89).


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