[rescue] Earth Day Rescue, StoragEdge and RAID

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Apr 26 19:57:19 CDT 2009

Here's the items and count from the Earth Day Rescue:

25 501-3136 128MB SIMMS

10 501-4743 256MB SIMMS

2x Symbios SYM22802 cards (Differential SCSI  Cards)

3x 501-5019 Ethernet  cards (twisted pair)

12x 501-5539 450 Mhz Processors (U60, E420R, E220R )

I also have 2 490-1278 SIMMS and two 501-5524 fiber network cards from  
some other recent rescues.

It won't be til this weekend that I have a chance to open up the 220R  
and 420R to see how much more RAM they can take,
but I believe only the 220 has any free slots.    I was debating about  
using some of the Ethernet cards...( i.e. if i zone one of the boxes,
so each zone has it's own physical ethernet).  So, I'll have the  
majority of this stuff all available....

I'm interested in interesting trades, and of course $$ 8-).

I found out that all the drives got pulled as well.  So I'll be in at  
least "spud" heaven... like 8 4100's worth, plus all the ones from the  
220 and 420's.
Not sure about the drives yet... but I may.  They aren't big drives,  
but I know folks were looking for ones earlier... so  let me know...


> Earl, that's interesting, but I don't think the A1000 is deep enough  
> for
> a SATA adapter. I could be wrong, obviously, since I haven't tried it,
> but the A1000s don't have that much room behind the drive's "rear end"
> and where the stock adapter ends.
>   Or would you need to use smaller drives, somehow lashed down to the
> spud bracket?

Yeah, I was thinking that perhaps the drives are small enough now that  
either the laptop or other drives might work.  I've simply not tried  
to see if one
would fit... a lot of it of course would depend on the adapter... so  
that's the question.  What adapters have people used?  I know that  
folks were talking about them
for the Voyagers... but I've not heard anything since my post...

>   Also, would the SCSI get saturated beferw the drives max out?

Well I suspect that might be the case.. but if I can find the adapters  
cheap enough, I'm not going for the screaming fast SATA drives...  
cheap and big.
I've got a 8 channel LSI hardware RAID card that drives my current  
main storage (with 7 500GB drives...).   But the box it's in is pretty  
much stuffed,
from a physical standpoint.  The StoragEdge would fit more  
physically....   Just have to look at the cost tradeoffs... the  
current RAID set up is nice...
level 5, and the hardware has the battery backed up SIMM... it's nice  
to have a friend very high up at LSI 8-).  But to go bigger, I have to  
somehow find
a case that would hold a decent PC board, and have room for 8 or more  
drives.  The chassis I've found simply aren't set up for that.  The  
LSI card can
also connect to slave cards where you can add other "shelves" of some  
sort.  I've not found anything in that arena that isn't ridiculously  
8 channels with 1.5 TB drives would definitely be a nice huge storage  
pool 8-).   7 500's provides a nice 3 TB as it stands... and it's been  
rock solid since
I have had it.  If it had drives for Mac OS, I'd build a frankenmac  
with the card...


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