[rescue] anyone out there with a HP Designjet 500, 500PS, 800, or 800PS ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Apr 25 21:07:00 CDT 2009

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> I have a 500PS I'm working on.  It had an ink spill at some point in 
> it's life
> (I think the Majenta head failed spectacularly, was replaced, and 
> nobody cleaned
> up more then the superficial easy to reach stuff).
> I took the service station out... and diassembled it....
> I thought I had all parts that wouldn't separate on their own 
> removed... but
> during cleaning, a gray plastic "spring" (leaf spring) came off 
> something, and
> I've yet to figure out where.
And I figured it out... then still had a problem... and then figured 
that out :-)

BTW, the grey plastic 'leaf spring' is a "ratchet" for the large black 
roller ?
on the left side of the service station :-)

> If anyone has supplies/parts from a retired 500 or 500PS they don't 
> want let me
> know...

This still holds though... if anyone has any spare parts, paper rolls, 
print heads,
ink, etc for a 24" 500/500PS drop me an e-mail.

-- Curt

> -- Curt
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