[rescue] anyone out there with a HP Designjet 500, 500PS, 800, or 800PS ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Apr 25 10:04:49 CDT 2009

I have a 500PS I'm working on.  It had an ink spill at some point in 
it's life
(I think the Majenta head failed spectacularly, was replaced, and nobody 
up more then the superficial easy to reach stuff).

I took the service station out... and diassembled it....

I thought I had all parts that wouldn't separate on their own removed... but
during cleaning, a gray plastic "spring" (leaf spring) came off 
something, and
I've yet to figure out where.

The service manual doesn't give good details as to the construction of
the service station (doubt it was meant to be user (or even FE) serviced 
:-) )

If anyone has one of these... if you can shoot a few high res photos of the
service station (if you can get a good shot of it at all... sadly, it 
probably takes
removal of the right cover and the control panel (5? screws for the 
right cover
and the control panel snaps off).

I haven't given up yet... but if anyone here has worked on the service 
and can get me a hint or photo that might show this part....

If anyone has supplies/parts from a retired 500 or 500PS they don't want 
let me

-- Curt

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