[rescue] Earth Day Rescue

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Apr 22 23:04:43 CDT 2009

Today being Earth Day meant (at least in my building) that old  
computer equipment was out on the loading dock to "go" to the recycler.
I found out about it before the recycler came (which is good) but the  
bad news was that I simply wasn't able to rescue all the stuff.

There were probably 10 E220R and E420Rs with cards, memory and  
processors out there.   4 or 5 A1000 StorEdge boxes...
I did grab one of those (the only one with a face plate) and while I  
wasn't able to rescue the EXXX chassis, I was able to pry open
enough of them to pull processors ( a crammed full grocery bag full...  
and that was only about 1/2 of them), some network cards, a couple  
SCSI cards
and another grocery bag full of RAM.

I can use some for the E220R and E420R that I already have (RAM wise)  
but have no need for the processors.
I'll try to catalog them tomorrow sometime and post a count and  
speed.    I easily pulled 20 or 30 of them...
so drop me a note if you're interested.

Also rescued 3 Dell LCD displays.  Displays look good, cosmetically,  
haven't had time to test them yet... (anybody know
of "cheap" places to repair them if they've got power supply issues?)   
A couple of spare PC keyboards got tossed in the
back seat as well.  Enough stuff to feed good about, but not upset the  

I do have a question about the A1000.  Has anybody tried to put in  
SATA drives with adapters in one of these things?
I'm thinking 12 bays could be some serious storage.... if I can find  
some sort of adapters that will fit (and aren't ridiculously priced...)
I seem to recall folks mentioning here about the adapters.. but not if  
they'd been tried in this type of chassis.
Heck even an IDE to SCSI adapter might be worthwhile...  1 TB IDE/SATA  
drives are fairly inexpensive (saw some for $79
on pricewatch ...)     So... options?  Experiences?


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