[rescue] Netra 240 - Backup rsync server?

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sat Apr 11 18:27:19 CDT 2009

On Apr 11, 2009, at 8:44 AM, Brooke Gravitt wrote:

> I find myself with a Netra 240 - anyone's opinion on wether it'd  
> make a
> decent backup server for rsyncing to, or putting sparse images on for
> TimeMachine?  Can the SPARCs take a bog-standard PCI 1394/FireWire  
> card &
> use that for additional dasd?
> Brooke
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I set up my Cobalt RaQ as a "Time Capsule", using Netatalk, NetBSD,  
and a Netatalk patch I found to enable Time Machine support. I run my  
own local DNS, so I was able to add the discovery records for OS X  
there, but apparently you can also broadcast the records via Avahi.  
Once you've made the records so that OS X can "find" the pseudo Time  
Capsule, it only takes a couple of minutes to configure Netatalk and  
you can back up straight from OS X, without any "hacks" on the OS X  

The Netra 240 would definitely be faster than my Cobalt, however. I'd  
say go for it! If you used OpenBSD instead of Solaris, you should  
have more options for drivers for PCish hardware. Maybe even an eSATA  
card and a small array?

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