[rescue] Netra 240 - Backup rsync server?

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sat Apr 11 14:04:56 CDT 2009

On 4/11/09 12:09 PM, "Joshua Boyd"  wrote:

> Beware, if you are thinking to use iSCSI, reportedly there is trouble
> with the free iSCSI initiator for OSX.
> _______________________________________________

Hmm - I've been running iSCSI with the Global SAN initiator to a box running
OpenFiler without incident for a couple of months.

One iSCSI volume is my Time Machine volume, and I have a couple others for
general storage. They've been fine for as much as I've used them, but I
don't stress them hard day in/day out.

They are reasonably speedy over Gigabit Ethernet.


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