[rescue] AS/400 newbie questions

Scott M scott.mickey.sunhelp at atsgate.com
Fri Apr 3 13:36:22 CDT 2009

Via craigslist, I got an IBM AS/400e 9406-170, an IBM 3476 InfoWindow, and 
a length of twinax cable for $33.  The AS/400 has 4-port and 8-port twinax 
breakout boxes (or "expansion units"). 
I plugged the 3476 InfoWindow into port 0 of the 4-port twinax breakout box, 
checked that the workstation address of the 3476 was set to 0, turned on the 
power, hit the white button, and it booted OK. 
The first screen had 4 or 5 choices.  I selected "1. IPL". 
It continued to boot.  Then, it said something about a console change since 
last IPL, and I just hit "Enter".  It continued booting. 
Now it want 5 fields filled in: 

> Sign On
> System ...... WISE307
> Subsystem ... QCTL
> Display ..... QCONSOLE
> User ................ __________
> Password ............ 
> Program/procedure ... __________
> Menu ................ __________
> Current Library ..... __________

Of course I tried user = ROOT, but it said "User name does not exist". 
So ... I am a bit in over my head here. 
Since I'm on port 0 console, shouldn't there be a way to bypass security 
and reset the passwords?  Will I need to boot from CDROM to do this? 
(I don't have any OS/400 CDROMs, yet). 
Is there a way to do a clean shutdown without logging in? 
If I just cut the power, will that damage the data on the disks and prevent 
a clean boot next time? 
Any docs you can recommend at ibm.com or on the Internet to get me started? 
Thanks very much for your help. 
Scott M

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