[rescue] Rescue: Sun Items from the basement (cleaning in progress)

hike mh1272 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:44:08 CDT 2009


I have the following to get rid of.  If anyone is interested in these items,
please  let me know.  Items will be shipped from USA zip code 37930
(Knoxville, TN).  USA shipping only & continental USA.  Shipped via FedEx or
UPS.  The cost of shipping is all you pay.  You can pick up locally.
Sun Memory Modules*
501-2622 (x7002A) 32MB DIMMs x 14
501-2480 64MB DIMMs x4
370-3799 (x7039A) 256MB 50ns  x10 (Ultra5/10 and others)
non-Sun Memory Modules*
PC-100 Micron #MT8LSDT864AG-10CB4 (64MB-?) DIMM
PC2-3200S 333 256MB SoDIMM
Other Sun stuff*
SunPCI 400Mhz
501-4788 Creator 3D Series (VVB2+) 24-bit Color Frame Buffer
370-3753 (X3668A)  PGX32 framebuffer
375-0005 SYM22801 Dual Single-Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI (PCI)
  Qlogic Fibre Channel Single Loop FC-AL Host Adapter (PC 100/P) equivalent
to X6729A=-

I also have Sun SCSI cables and Video cables and adapters.  As the cleaning
progresses, I will list these items.



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