[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 77, Issue 4

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Apr 1 15:47:30 CDT 2009

> told me that in an emergency where an O200 out in the field had a disk
> failure, we could pull the disk from the O2000.  I did not personally ever

I did this. When I had the office I had an Origin 200 and an Origin 2000. 
I took the disk from one and put it in the other. Also, someone else said 
they saw an Origin 200 in an Origin 2000 rack. Remember that there is also 
the Vault (JBOD) that looks just like the Origin 200.

> obvious though.  The O2000 we had did not have any video display hardware,
> but the O200 did (3rd party made video cards that stopped working past
> 6.5.18 I believe because sgi stopped sharing info with them at that time).

You could shove that PCI card into an Origin 2000 if you had the XIO to 
PCI adaptor I would bet? Also, I had seen a setup where the Origin 2000 
was cabled up to an Onyx2 and I'm pretty sure it was one system?

> but they swore it would.  Our O200's outside of my sandbox machines were
> never connected with the craylink cables for some reason.  I guess it was
> too confusing to have one computer (for all practical purposes) with more
> than one property tag.

A friend was just telling me the other day he is working with 0-day IBM 
systems (Xeon) that have the same setup... NUMALink the rackmount boxes 
together to make one big system, similar to Origin 200 and Origin 350.

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