[rescue] SGI files Ch11 again, bought by Rackable for $25M

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Apr 1 12:56:51 CDT 2009

> And according to Bob it seems to be a HIPPI cable, anyway. Heh.

No, didn't they use multiple large SGI Origin 2000 systems, then cluster 
those with HIPPI?

For instance, take 8 64proc sysetms and cluster those?

The Cray sysetms I had bought had 4 J932SE systems hooked together with 
HIPPI as well IIRC (Never got the HIPPI switch).

When I worked at NASA we used HIPPI as an interconnect of all the large 
SGI machines, but ran TCP/IP over it.

Nasty cables.

The NUMALink cable is different. The HIPPI looked like a 68 pin SCSI 
connector only it had 100 pins. The NUMA thing IIRC is more like a mini 
centronics style (like some of the fancy SCSI connectors in the last 
generation before FC? No pins to really break).

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