[rescue] Stuff available for free/donation -> cheap

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Sep 30 00:42:26 CDT 2008

As ppl have asked for a list... I've put together a non comprehensive
one... but the first list covers the most likely stuff to go into the
dumpster... the second one covers items that are not currently on the
dumpster list but are open to offers for anyone interested.

This stuff is definately going to the dumpster if unclaimed. 
I will part most of this stuff out if you want parts.
SS10/20 bases
Gateway PC AT Tower 386/25 with power supply, no mobo, drives, etc
Packard Bell Legend 406CD complete (no monitor, kb, mouse)
Gateway G6-200 tower.  PPro system with cpu (200mhz), no ram,drives
Apple Macintosh IIsi in excellent condition (no yellowing)
Macintosh LC III
Apple IIGS, unknown condition, believed bad PS, believed mobo good
Apple PowerMac 5260/100.  no mobo, no drives, but can inc a PPC mobo
PowerMac 7100/66, nice shape
Packard Bell Pack-Mate 3500CD upgraded to PPro 200mhz (Intel mobo)
HP Scanjet 5P.  cosmetic issue with the lid, unknown working status
Generic Pentium 166? (or 133?) in AT (not IBM AT size!) desktop case
Agfa Arcus II scanner (has lid + bed lights), may have hv or lamp prob
generic full and mid size AT tower cases (most if not all have PS only)
Apple Macintosh II monitor.  works, bezel was 'repaired'... so not 'pretty'
HP Deskjet 660Cse (I'm sure this will need new ink)
Generic Pentium 200 (probably MMX) mini tower computer.
Laserwriter IINT
Laserwriter IINTX
Tektronix Phaser (don't have model # handy, pre Xerox), nds mech work
Apple Macintosh IIcx
Generic Pentium 133, 166, or 200 (I'd have to check) in AT mini tower
Minuteman Alliance A500 UPS, needs batteries
Xyplex Network 3000, two of them with different cards, one flaky?
Compaq 1600R rackmount, dual cpu box with 1 PII cpu
Sony 600meg external magneto Optical drive
2U Rackmount PC case, I think has PS, missing PCI riser

Make an Offer pile (some of this is in consideration for the dumpster)
Sun Ultra-10.  No HD, has CD.  333 mhz proc, 2M cache, ?Meg of RAM
Supermac 19" Sony Trinitron monitor, nice shape, fixed freq
Leading Edge fortiva 5000 (Pentium 60 desktop system)
Apple Macintosh II/IIx power supply (will work in IIfx too)
Commodore MPS803 printer in the box (not new)
Apple Quadra 950 mainboard
Digital (DEC) LN03X-CR cartridge
Digital (DEC) LN03X-CX cartridge (CG Times 24 font)
Digital (DEC) LN03X-CY cartridge (CG Triumvirate 10 + 12 font)
Digital (DEC) LN03X-CB cartridge (CG Times 10 + 12 font)
Digital (DEC) LN03X-TA toner
Digital (DEC) LN03X-AD maintenance kit (corona, filter, cart, glass)
APC SmartUPS 600 rackmount (w/o rack ears), needs batteries
Apple Workgroup Server 95 (w/o WGS board, so basically Q950)
SGI Indigo 2 Purple, Impact PS + midplane, R4400-250 2M, GR3-ELAN
SGI Indigo 2 Teal R4400-200 2M, GR3-ELAN
Livingston Portmaster 3 with modem cards
Cisco 2501
OpenRoute GT60 router
OpenRoute GTX1000 router
Compaq 1600 tower, two 550mhz PIII Katmai CPUs, ? 384+M RAM, RAID

-- Curt

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