[rescue] Stuff available for free/donation -> cheap

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Sep 27 18:48:52 CDT 2008

Jerry Kemp wrote:
> Curtis,
> Could you possibly post a more detailed inventory of parts?

It would take me more than the week or so I have before the
dumpster gets here to detail out the inventory.  There is that

Give me a clue as to the things you are interested in, and I'll
at least try to give you an idea what I have along those lines.

-- Curt

> Thanks,
> Jerry
> On 09/27/08 13:18, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> I'm having some roofing work done... and a dumpster is coming in....
>> I'm going to use the opportunity to unload (with great reluctance).
>> I have SS10, SS20 stuff, Mac stuff, PC stuff (some systems, some
>> 'bases' (i.e. SS10 nds cpu, graphics, ram), lots of parts).
>> Way too much to list.
>> Most stuff will be free (donations or trades appreciated but not
>> necessary).
>> If there is anything Sun (ss1 through SS20 era), Mac (68K era with
>> some pre G3 PPC stuff too), SGI (Indy, I2 stuff), PC (286->P3 era
>> including CPUs, mobos, cases, power supplies, ISA cards, VLB
>> cards, early PCI stuff, smaller drives, controllers, etc).... that
>> people are looking for... let me know...  I'd hate to throw something
>> out that someone would want... but I'm buried in too much stuff.
>> The dumpster may be here as soon as next weekend.
>> Local pickup is free (with donations/trades appreciated).  If I have
>> something you want and I have to ship it, I'm going to want $5
>> to $10 (to cover materials/time/gas) + actual ship cost.
>> I can't even begin to cover adequately what I have here.... if
>> ppl don't come up with enough 'do you have any XYZZYs ?' I'll
>> try to make a list of the stuff (but it will be far from complete).
>> -- Curt
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