[rescue] Stuff available for free/donation -> cheap

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Sep 27 13:18:22 CDT 2008

I'm having some roofing work done... and a dumpster is coming in....

I'm going to use the opportunity to unload (with great reluctance).

I have SS10, SS20 stuff, Mac stuff, PC stuff (some systems, some
'bases' (i.e. SS10 nds cpu, graphics, ram), lots of parts).

Way too much to list.

Most stuff will be free (donations or trades appreciated but not

If there is anything Sun (ss1 through SS20 era), Mac (68K era with
some pre G3 PPC stuff too), SGI (Indy, I2 stuff), PC (286->P3 era
including CPUs, mobos, cases, power supplies, ISA cards, VLB
cards, early PCI stuff, smaller drives, controllers, etc).... that
people are looking for... let me know...  I'd hate to throw something
out that someone would want... but I'm buried in too much stuff.

The dumpster may be here as soon as next weekend.

Local pickup is free (with donations/trades appreciated).  If I have
something you want and I have to ship it, I'm going to want $5
to $10 (to cover materials/time/gas) + actual ship cost.

I can't even begin to cover adequately what I have here.... if
ppl don't come up with enough 'do you have any XYZZYs ?' I'll
try to make a list of the stuff (but it will be far from complete).

-- Curt

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