[rescue] Help me rescue a vintage video game console...

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Sep 24 20:31:56 CDT 2008

At 08:21 PM 9/24/2008, Jonathan Katz wrote:

>The thing isn't working; I'm sure it has a blown cap or ten. In trying
>to take it apart it seems to be held together with a screw that has a
>head I've never seen before. It's shaped like a peace symbol; three
>flat-head indentations spaced evenly around the head, but they don't
>meet in the middle. Will I have to Dremel this thing? Where can I get
>a bit for this?

Sounds like a tri-wing.  Wiha (great tools, BTW) makes 'em.

newell  N5TNL 

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