[rescue] needed: u1 NVRAM chip

Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 17:47:37 CDT 2008

> does replacing a working machine with that level of reliability (3 or 4 
> 9's) actually increase the likelyhood of continued uptime?   my work
> environment is all "museum pieces" with no support contracts and although
> the sample of machines is small (around a dozen) compared to the large
> installations some of the others on the list work at, is the experience
> that machines die or are they replaced for more capable machines that
> conserve space and power?

Depends on the company, how much $$$ they got, and what their needs are. 
One company I worked for was into the consolidation and virtualize 
everything possible on to a hand full of HP Superdomes. Another company 
was in the "grab something off the junk pile and make it work" mode.

Current job is in the building phase, so nothing is older then a couple 
of years anyways. My guess is that a good portion of it is going to get 
fully replaced as it depreciates since we have some fairly high end data 

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