[rescue] needed: u1 NVRAM chip

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Tue Sep 23 18:00:22 CDT 2008

[top-posting damage repaired manually -dM]
>>>> [...] U1 [...] dead battery in its NVRAM/IDPROM [...]
>>> Doing the "add an external battery" trick isn't an option here?
>> Needs soldering skills.  Ha.  A.

Admittedly, you do need soldering skills, or _some_ way to connect to
the chip.  (Presumably a pressure connection would work too, though I'm
not sure how I'd go about doing that.  Maybe a rat belt and a piece of

> And a dremel.

Not at all.  I battery-fixed NVRAMs before I first _saw_ a dremel, I
think.  I find a small round file works fine - I think the one I use
was designed for sharpening chainsaws, but that doesn't matter much.
It may be even better than a dremel; it's harder to overdo with, if
naught else.

> And the desire to risk killing the chip.

And if he does?  He's no worse off then than he is now.

> And the desire to get covered in tiny black crappy plastic dust that
> is bad to breath and is a pain wash off.

It's always washed off fine for me.  Maybe the NVRAMs I've worked with
have been made out of a different plastic.  Or perhaps the way a dremel
gets the plastic hotter than a file does is responsible....

> I can see why he wants to get a chip off of someone.

I can see plenty of possible such reasons too.  But it wasn't clear to
me, when I made the "add a battery" remark, that any of them applied;
if they do, that's fine, but I thought it should at least be mentioned.

I don't think I have a U1 I consider sacrificable, but I've got some
spare chips.  I'll see if I can find the round tuits to open up a U1
and see which kind of chip it uses, in case any of my spares match.

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