[rescue] WTB: Sparcstation 2 Weitek power up

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Sep 19 10:53:51 CDT 2008

" From: Cody Swanson <mailinglists at sysop.ca>
" Anyone on the list have a weitek power up for a sparcstation 2 they
" might be willing to part with? In my recent hunt for an old ELC or IPX I
" obtained a SS2 for free from a retired pile of machines at work. I'd
" love to find a weitek upgrade for it but they seem to be made of
" unobtainium. Thanks in advance.

i have a complete ss2 with weitek and 128M ram, no hd.  i also have a
100MHz osc and socket i was going to 'chip' it with; i know the
original ss2 cpu was good for 50MHz and at least 2 clone makers sold
50MHz systems; i wanted to see if the powerup was also good for it.
[the socket was for painless retreat if it didn't work]

i'm in 01835.  anyone interested?

also ftgh: a sun3-era p/n 365-1000 hitachi monitor [worked when i got
it 12 years ago] with 13w3-5bnc dongle, and set of big 3"
white/aqua sunos 4.1 binders - everything from 4.1 release and install
to admin to programming guides [several flavors].
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