[rescue] Free (or mostly free) hardware in Northern VA

Nick B. nick at pelagiris.org
Thu Sep 18 12:03:32 CDT 2008

I've got some hardware that I want to get rid of.  Money or toys in exchange
would be nice, but are not required.  Pickup probably is, and shipping is right
out unless you want to pay through the ass.

2 - Sun A5000 FC JBOD w/ 14x36G 1.6" FC disks (I might have slightly less than
	28 between them, but they are close to full)
1 - Dell badged older Netapp w/ 1 tray of 8? x 18G
1 - Spectra Logic 4 drive, 40 tape AIT-1 loader (HVD HVD HVD!  YOU HAVE BEEN
2 - 16 port FC switches 1gb, with some number of GBICS in unknown shape
1 - HP monster, 4 proc HPPA IIRC (might be 6), half rack size, 1?? or 2??mhz

This list may grow.  As mentioned, the gear is in Northern VA.

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