[rescue] Re-Install OS - Netra X1

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Fri Sep 12 07:20:48 CDT 2008

could it be the byte order ? and the way openbsd address it?  anyway openbsd
is great in
wintel boxes but sometimes not optimal on spacs and others.   I like my open
bsd toys.


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Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> You can Jumpstart off nearly anything (possibly excepting Windows[0]).  The
> scripts on the CDs assume Solaris, but if you have a DHCP server, a TFTP
> server, and an NFS server (any combination of which can be the same
> system), you can make Jumpstart happen.

I tried jumpstarting an Ultra2 with Solaris 9 off an Ultra5 running
OpenBSD once, and I absolutely could not make it work.  It would always,
without fail, panic when it tried to load the kernel, and I never
managed to find out why.

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