[rescue] FTGH

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Tue Sep 9 19:04:01 CDT 2008

Free to good home:

APC SU3000RM5U 30A.  Includes a known-good set of batteries.  Powers up,
but complains about unbalanced load.  May be repairable.

Cisco 4700, works as far as I know but I've never used it because I've
never had an ATM connection to use it on (or the extra equipment to fake
one).  Fitted modules: one ATM MM, one ATM DS3, one 100Mbit Ethernet

Sun E3000, 6x336MHz, 2MB RAM, 3 PPSU, one spare CPU, several spare
boards, missing some plastics, partial rack of 9G Barracuda 10K disks,
all working when last booted.

HP Storage System/6 hot-swap SCSI chassis, 6 bays, 4 trays, 2 redundant
power supplies, got it free due to a vendor oops, never used it and it's
increasingly unlikely I ever will.

All items located in Gilford, NH 03249.  The SU3000 and the E3000 are of
course too heavy to be cost-effective to ship.

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