[rescue] Front Plastic Plates for E220R / E420R (and other misc parts for chassis) -- FS/FT/FreeShipping

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat Sep 6 14:43:25 CDT 2008

I've got 4 of the plastic parts that cover the DVD/Key/lights and 3 of  
the triangular plastic (with assorted 220R/420R labels)
that I got as part of fixing up my 220R and 420R (could only find them  
in large sets...so bought a set, but only needed 2 of each)

Anybody out there with broken plastic on their 220R/420R that they'd  
like to fix?   I want to get these to someone who can use them,
but if nobody can, then they're going in the recycling... just got WAY  
WAY too many parts / pieces sitting around here...

Oh, and if anybody needs any parts to build out a 420R/220R case,  
please let me know, I've got a pile of those as well
and they're going to the recycling pile as well, if nobody is  

(BTW, I'm in Atlanta GA... forgot to mention that in my earlier post...)


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