[rescue] FTGH Sun CPU modules

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 16:14:23 CDT 2008


I have a pair of 750MHz CPU modules from an SB1000 (these
are the really big UltraSPARC modules -- the size of a
carton of cigarettes?).  I don't think I have the SB1000
that they came out of any longer (but, if I *can* find
that, I'll probably rescind the offer for these CPUs  :< ).

I think they will both fit in one of the "shirtbox" flat
rate USPS boxes so that should be $8.95.  I'm pretty sure
this only works for the "lower 48" (?).

But, I'll need a day or two before I give up hope on locating
the SB1000 before I can commit to parting with these...


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