[rescue] Drives for T1s/V100s

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 13:34:30 CDT 2008

If this is anything like my recent experience with netra 120/sunfire v120 - its not hard at all.

I just looked at sunsolve & I think its pretty much the same thing.

I just put dvd drives in some netra 120/sunfire v120 boxes I'm getting ready to sell - 

I went on ebay & bought toshiba sd-c2402 dvd drives from laptops.
Remove the laptop "custom" mount - down to the the bare drive - the paddle of the sun part matches directly into the bare drive.  No 40/44 pin cable required.

All of my netra 120/sunfive v120 already had the sun paddle cable by default, even though they did not ship out with the drive to begin with.

I did have to flash the rom on a couple of the drives - the sun box would not see them on the ide chain until I did.  I tested 1317 thru 1817 firmware - anything earlier or later - sun does not "like".

Also - I was never ever able to get a combo "writer" drive recognized - only "just" dvd or cdrom drives!!!!


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