[rescue] More stuff to go...

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Mon Sep 1 17:21:38 CDT 2008

I've got a few more things to get rid of this week...  I can probably 
ship this stuff as it's relatively small, but pickup is preferred (and 
will probably result in a discount :).

Sun Sparcstation 2 w/ 12MB ram, and a Matrox CG-12 (370-1370) 3D 
graphics adapter.  $20 for the machine + board or $15 for the graphics 
board alone.

Box of Apple II software, including The Print Shop, companion, and two 
graphics disks, Flight Simulator, and a few other things.  $10 for it 
all.  Everything looks complete, but I haven't tried any of it out.  
The boxes are included, but a bit smooshed from being stored in a pile 
for a long time.  $10

Dell DLT-1 tape drive, internal.  This appeared to work, the one time I 
tried it.  Includes a cleaning tape, and a few DLT-4 tape media.  $10

Network Associates "Full Duplex Fast Ethernet Pod", part # NGC-1507601.  
It has 3 10/100 network jacks on the back (two are MII or RJ45, other 
is RJ45 only), a serial port, "Sync In" and "Sync Out", and a DIN-8 
power connector.  Don't have the power supply, but it claims to use 12V 
at 4.2A.  Untested.  $10

Three SGI Indigo 2's.  These I will not ship, as they're too big/heavy 
to easily ship.  One is an Impact (purple), one an Impact 10000 
(purple) and one EXtreme (teal).  $10 each

I also have boxes upon boxes of (used and degaussed) DLT-4 media.  I'd 
like to get about $1/tape for that.

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